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What is KinkyKa$h?


KinkyKa$h is KinkyPeepz's virtual cash for use on the site to purchase a premium membership. is TOTALLY FREE to use, if you're an active participant. We want to reward all our members who share their naughty photos and videos with all of us. Earn KinkyKa$h with every approved photo/video on KinkyPeepz and when you earn enough Ka$h you can instantly redeem it for a premium membership!

For every picture uploaded you earn .30 cents of KinkyKa$h

For every video uploaded you earn  .50 cents of KinkyKa$h

This virtual cash is in a pending state until after 30 days , then credited to your account, if you delete the video or picture before 30 days then the cash is not credited.

Once the money is credited to your account and you have accumulated enough, you can use it to purchase a premium membership, thereby making KinkyPeepz free to you or anyone who contributes and is active on the site.

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