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Contest Rules


Contest Rules:

1. All entries must be of you, and you own copyrights (upon winning you will be required to prove, in order to receive cash prize)

2. You can enter as often as you like, Albums with more photos do better. (Sorry no solo male photos at this time)

3. The voting is calculated by a number of factors which we will not release, so no one can abuse the system. But we will say if you invite your friend or people to see your photos you definitely increase your chances at winning, other factors that matter, number of phots, quality, members votes, etc.......Rankings change constantly realtime!!!

4. In order for the contest to be a valid contest we need at least min. 12 entries (different members) for that month.

5. If you are entering a album/photo in the contest, when you upload, you must upload to the contest category

6. Current contest will last for one month, winners will be paid via Paypal or by check. , you can not win more than 2 contest in a 5 month period.Check out our Contest Archive for past winners.

7.  If the winner is NOT a paying subscriber the default prize is the 6 month premium membership. If the winner is a paying member with an active subscription - the choice of the prize is up to the member!


Currently contest will last for one month, winners will be paid via Paypal or by check. The key to winning is enter early and tell your friends on this site and others to vote for you.

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