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Why can't I download any videos or pictures? Article not rated yet
You can if you are a Premium member or contributor.
How can I change my profile picture? Article rated 1.0/5.0
You can simply click here when you're logged in, or; when you're logged in click on your username, highlighted in red at the top of the page. On your profile page select click the "Change Picture" lin...
Why are video pausing or slowing down? Article not rated yet
This is due to your slow connection. Please ensure no one is downloading on your network. Resetting your modem and/or router may also help.
How to update my Flash player? Article not rated yet
It is really east, just click here and follow the instructions provided. But we no longer use a flash player , we are using a html 5 player, so you want to maker sure your browser is compliant. I.E, ...
How do I clear my browser's cache? Article not rated yet
Click here for detailed instructions for all major browsers.
How can I become a contributor? Article rated 5.0/5.0
We now only give contributor status to people that have been on KP at least 60 days, and have consistently posted videos and pictures to site and have been active, with no picture or video deletions.
I uploaded some media put can't see under my profile? Article not rated yet
A few things can cause this. First, sometimes videos do not encode properly depending on your original media file. Also, anything flagged by users as questionable, illegal, overly obscene will be dele...
Why dont some movies wont play or I get a black screen? Article not rated yet
This can vary from one computer or platform to another. We strongly suggest you always have the latest version of flash installed as well as making sure your computer is up-to-date. You can check your...
Why do the movies I watch constantly bufferring and not streaming properly? Article not rated yet
This can happen because your connection is slow at the time or because our site is under unusually heavy traffic. If the problems persist, please do not hesitate to contact us.
How do I cancel my account and/or delete my uploads? Article rated 5.0/5.0
You can cancel your account and/or delete uploads by contact us, we do cancellations and deletions only once a month, no exceptions.
I cannot login. How do I reach support? Article not rated yet
You can contact our support department using the contact form. We usually reply within 1-24 hours max
I uploaded some media when does it go live on the site? Article not rated yet
All uploaded videos goes in our queue and videos get encoded automatically. Depending on the amount of videos and backlog we have, its usually placed on the site on a first-come, first-serve...
The videos does not play at all, what do I do? Article not rated yet
Most likely you need to download or upgrade your Flash Player. This is a small plugin built into your browser that lets you stream online videos in the Flash file-format.Download the latest Flash Play...
The KinkyPeepz website looks messed-up! What can I do? Article not rated yet
KinkyPeepz is optimized for the newest internet browsers and may not work or look 100% correct with older browsers. We recommend you download one of the following browsers:Mozilla FireFoxOperaGoo...
Proper DMCA Notice and Takedown Procedure Article not rated yet
Proper DMCA Notice and Takedown Procedure Identify yourself as either: State your contact information, including your TRUE NAME, street address, telephone number, and email address. The owner ...
How to change of email address Article not rated yet
How can i change my email?You change your email address by login in to your account and going to 
Which browsers is the site compatible with? Article not rated yet
Our sites are compatible with most common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. Following these links you may update your browser to latest version so that you may hav...
I know my username and password, but I can't log in? Article rated 3.7/5.0
You should pay special attention to the following tips: Passwords are cAse sEnsiTive. Check if your CAPS LOCK isn't on. Check if there aren't any spaces before and after your password. If you are ...
How do I upgrade to a premium membership? Article not rated yet
Upgrading to a premium membership is very simply and takes 1 minutes. You must first have a free registered account. Login to your account and use the upgrade links found inside your profile or t...
Upload Tips Article not rated yet
Partial or fully NUDE photos / videos only. Upload BIG photos, the bigger the better. Minumum of 500 pixels on one of the sides. Videos must be at least 30 seconds long. Write KINKYPEEP...
iOS compatibility Article rated 5.0/5.0
All photo submissions and the majority of our videos, are now available on iOS devices.