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Why there are no gay, man on man, transsexual submissions? Article not rated yet
Due to the nature of the site and the vast majority of the members, we do not allow man or man (male gay) submissions. It's a business decision, not discrimination.
One or more of my submissions were rejected. Why? Article not rated yet
We are proud with the quality of the all homemade submissions (videos & pictures) on KINKYPEEPZ.COM and want to continue to approve only the best submissions. Occasionally you might get a submissi...
Why should I fill-out the tag, category and description when I upload? Article not rated yet
The tag is a simple keyword describing your submission. You can categorize your submission with any tag that makes sense. Tags are nothing but simple one-word descriptors. This helps other members fin...
Photo Submissions-What are Albums? Article not rated yet
KinkyPeepz organizes photos in albums which are collections of related pictures. You can have as many albums as you like, and as many photos in each album. You can upload photos to a new&nbs...
Male Photo & Video Submissions Article not rated yet
We have a policy on solo male uploads. We only allow 3 solo male pictures, with 2 cock closeup and 1 masturbation video. After you have met the max please do not continue to upload anymore solo cock c...
Uploading Rules Article rated 5.0/5.0
DO NOT UPLOAD: Non nude content. Each photo/video must be full or partly nude. Videos that are less than 30 seconds long. Content with really poor quality (out of focus, pixelated etc). Quality m...